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Vnode is a decentralized finance oracle network company and it provides reliable, tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain.


Our Ecosystem

Vnode A future of Decentralized Oracle Networks.

vnode oracle network

Vnode Deliver Extensive reliability & quality of your smart contracts.

The Vnode Network provides tamper-resistant and high-quality price feeds furthering the growth of DeFi. numerous tools built by the vnode ecosystem provide transparency and full visibility for the price feeds and the teams participating in them. This gives you confidence that the feeds are reporting properly at all times.

  • Highly decentralized & secure infrastructure.
  • A well-maintained, shared data resource.
  • High-quality data sources that avoid manipulation.
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Cross-chain communication powered by new Vnode innovations.

Vnode has the largest collection of thousands of node operators worldwide in the industry. When combined with an upgraded off-chain computation protocol (OCR 2.0), it will enable hundreds of additional oracle nodes to efficiently achieve off-chain consensus and securely validate cross-chain transactions. Our services will include a new risk management system called the Anti-Fraud Network. An independent network of nodes will proactively monitor the blockchain network to detect fraudulent activity and take preventive actions to protect financial loss in a trust-minimized way.

  • Universal cross-chain communication.
  • Efficient Off-chain Consensus with OCR 2.0.
  • Reorg protection and mitigation.s
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Vnode low cost

Automate critical functions for smart contract applications.

Vnode Keepers enables smart contracts to automate key functions and event-driven tasks in a highly reliable, decentralized, and cost-efficient manner. Our time-tested node operators that currently secure billions in value across DeFi, Vnode Keepers enable smart contract applications to scale their uptime guarantees and achieve end-to-end decentralization. Even our network uses hyper-reliable automation bots to trigger a wide range of smart contract executions, reducing DevOps management for dApp teams and providing new functionalities for end users.

  • Decentralized Yield harvesting execution.
  • Low rebasing stable cost.
  • Advance Triggering asset distribution.
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Groundbreaking technology

We allowing smart contracts on any blockchain to securely access any critical off-chain resource.


Globally recognized

Vnode has been recognized by leading independent research firms.


Ecosystem momentum

Top-tier developers, academics, entrepreneurs across the world are working with Vnode.

Who We Are

We build next-generation decentralized infrastructure.

Vnode is strongly expands the capabilities of hybrid smart contracts by enabling access to real-world data and off-chain computation while maintaining the security and reliability guarantees inherent to blockchain technology.

We're a global community of developers, academics, and enterprise experts with deep experience in cryptography, decentralized systems, and smart contracts.

Vnode is one of the strong Independent data provider and leverage the network to make their data accessible on-chain directly through their own diffrent nodes. By offering their cryptographically signed premium data to developers on multiple blockchains, developers are empowered to create the next generation of smart contracts. Explore the always-expanding selection of data providers below.

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Why Choose Vnode

Why Choose Us?

We bring solutions to make life easier for our clients.

Vnode enables smart contracts to blockchain to leverage extensive off-chain resources, such as tamper-proof price data, verifiable randomness, external APIs, and much more.

We use decentralized oracle networks to made up of independent and Sybil-resistant nodes for high availability and manipulation resistance. Also Vnode provide cryptographic proof of the oracle networks' overall security as every piece of data is digitally signed by nodes and stored on-chain. We combine on-chain and off-chain infrastructure to create privacy-preserving, high-throughput, and externally-connected decentralized applications in the form of hybrid smart contracts. Vnode apply multiple layers of security such as cryptographic signatures, with trusted execution environments, zero-knowledge proofs.

Enabling a cryptographically enforced system of contracts will take both our daily lives and emerging markets into a new age of economic fairness, driven less by vague brand promises and more by the value that institutions and individuals actually provide..

Our Global Team

Think unique and be innovative. Make a difference with Vnode.


James Armstrong

Director of Advisory Board

James is a well known leader in decentralized consensus research & secure blockchain infrastructure.

dylan solomon

Dylan Solomon

HOD - Asia Pacific

Dylan is a widely accepted leader in Corporate business development that provides in-depth analysis of sales.


Donna Sheridan

Chief Technical Advisor

Donna is the Binance community manager and a well-known authority on smart contracts.


Hubert Sowka

Chairman of Advisory Board

Hubert is a widely accepted leader in blockchain research for larger evolution of decentralized technology.

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